Ground Maintenance

Saluppo is a leading provider of grounds maintenance services, including turf management, horticultural services, cleaning, and grounds management. The scope of our service ranges from one-off projects aimed at upgrading grounds, to the regular maintenance and enhancement of grounds on a long-term basis, to the total management of assets.

We take whatever time it requires to make every lawn look good and healthy.

  • We never leave clumps of grass behind.
    Clumps of grass reduce the eye-pleasing quality of freshly cut turf, and suffocate the grass underneath.
  • We sharpen our blades at least once a week.
    Sharp mower blades help the lawn grow healthier, and provide a crisp and tidy look.
  • We continuously alter the cutting pattern. Over time, if the cutting pattern remains the same or is varied infrequently, unsightly grooves will develop in the lawn.
  • We take great care to put a precise edge on all that gets trimmed.
During the fall season, many of our customers use our Fall Cleanup services to preserve their the lawns and landscapes through the coarse, harsh winter months. Our Fall Cleanup services include some prep work to the property and the beds, leaf removal and vacuum, and a cleanup.